14 June 2012 - Color Night Vision
True color night vision system (developed for National Geographic) demonstrated at the NG Explorers Symposium.
29 March 2012 - National Geographic
Tuatara Systems founder, Corey Jaskolski, awarded the position of National Geographic Innovation Fellow
4 Dec 2011 - Underwater
Tuatara Systems imaging team is in the jungles of Mexico imaging the underwater caves of Hoyo Negro. Today we shot a world record setting 2.6 gigapixel underwater image!
6 July 2011 - 3D Scanning
Tuatara Systems lab tests in-situ 3D object scanner for non-contact scanning of artifacts and other objects.
31 May 2011 - Mobile
Added support for viewing our gigapixel spherical images on mobile devices.
















Tuatara Systems

Tuatara Systems develops and deploys advanced imaging solutions used to see the world in a different light. In a time where preserving our natural environment, historical sites, and cultural icons has reached a now-or-never crisis state this is more critical than ever. Our systems allow for documentation of research sites, generation of compelling imagery for outreach and education, and provide a visual record for future generations.


Most of our systems are built to satisfy a specific research or imaging goal bright to us by one of our partners. However, we build off of a common core that enables us to quickly develop modified or entirely new imaging systems very quickly since we have a solid technology base to start from.

Some of our currently active systems include:

Field Support

Since many of these systems are fairly technical in nature, Tuatara Systems provides expert field support anywhere in the world to help our partners meet their goals and deadlines.

New Projects

We are always looking for new partners with challenging imaging needs that can be met with our imaging technologies. Whether an application of an existing system or a completely new development, feel free to contact us for more details.